Commitment to Hospitality

Dynamic spaces with a truly global atmosphere, where our guests can enjoy a diverse range of experiences.
We cater to the various needs of our guests in order to deliver a grand and emotionally thrilling service.

Andaz means "personal style" in Hindi.
We greet our guests with warm and friendly service so that they may enjoy a uniquely personal stay, in their own unique style.

For both business and pleasure ...
Our highly experienced staff deliver first-class hospitality services in stylish settings, enabling our guests to enjoy a special time with the people who are special to them.

Enjoy food, enjoy conversation.
Enjoy both relaxation, and exciting, stimulating experiences; in liberating spaces where art and culture lovers come together, and where intellect and emotional sensibilities can circulate freely.

Refined flavors—born out of the use of carefully selected ingredients—fulfill the needs of both body and mind.
Enjoy the world of high-quality gourmet cuisine to your heart's desire, in an elegant and mature environment.

Striving to provide high-class hospitality, in luxurious spaces where guests can relax as if in their own home ...
Our staff are friendly and fully instilled with the hospitality mindset. They are always ready to greet you with a smiling face.

Urban sanctuaries, allowing you to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.
Our spa and fitness clubs offer the ultimate in both activity and relaxation, in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful body and mind.

We offer a diverse menu of spa and fitness services, from sauna, pools, Jacuzzis to gym equipment and massage treatments, in order to help our members stay healthy and beautiful in both body and mind.

We care for the body and fulfill the emotional needs of the mind, in ultimate relaxation spaces that befit the needs of high-flying city executives.

So that guests and residents might feel the richness created by interpersonal interactions ...
Our reception staff greet everyone with their very best smile and the finest hospitality.

Whether it be arranging a cleaning service, receiving and storing parcels or baggage at reception, or calling for a taxi, our staff provide lifestyle support to ensure a comfortable life for each and every resident, with fine-tuned services to match the needs of every individual.

Catering to all manner of nationalities, ages and individual needs ...
Our bilingual staff offer high quality service to ensure that residents can live a comfortable life each and every day.