President's Greeting & Management Philosophy


Hiroo Mori President and CEO

Our company, a member of the Mori Building Group, is a comprehensive hospitality company engaged in the hotels business, members’ club business, members’ spa and fitness business, and the residence staffing business.
Though technological innovation and greater conveniences have advanced at a faster pace due to changes in the structure of our economy and society, in the hospitality industry, we can see that expectations of high-quality services meeting with the needs of each customer have been growing.

Society is now required to work on new lifestyles based on the coexistence with the COVID-19. With the thorough pursuit of "safety and security," which is the basis of the hospitality industry, our stance of welcoming guests with a perfect system will not change.
With the belief that overcoming a crisis will lead to the growth of employees and company, we aim to become the “the one and only enterprise in the hospitality field” and work together to make further evolution.

We ask for your continued support as we strive toward this goal.

Hiroo Mori President and CEO


We aim to be the best enterprise in the hospitality field We aim to be the best enterprise in the hospitality field


Safety and Security

Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, even to the smallest detail, we always act with great care, with the ingrained perception that “no matter how much you do, you can never be done with safety measures.”
We craft services that provide safety and reassurance to our customers in all experiences, and our behavioral guidelines hold one thing first and foremost: that we act with a strong mindset toward the safety and reassurance of our colleagues in the workplace.

Teamwork and Respect

Services of high quality. Growth of the individual. Development of the company. The critical factor at the source of each of these is teamwork, as employees cooperate with each other in a borderless fashion. In order for us to take on the important issues, bringing about synergistic effects leveraging each individual’s professional skills for the best results, we have deeply ingrained in ourselves the spirit of “empathy, tolerance, and trust” in our colleagues.

Service and Impression

Being moved is a very personal matter; we feel these feelings each differently and at different times. Therefore, we continue to strive toward accomplishing the amorphous and challenging goal of doing our very best as appropriate to each situation, earnestly tailoring our work to suit the needs of the customer. With our day-to-day experiences as our nourishment, we devote ourselves to the discipline of hospitality professionals, seeking to constantly provide services above and beyond customer expectations.

Pride and Growth

We take great pride in the effort we put into our work, knowing that we are responsible for one pillar of a company that brings greater value to our cities and society as a whole. Each of us harnesses this pride so that we may grow, beyond the scope of skills and mindsets as hospitality professionals. This allows us to improve the quality of the services we provide, further leading to the growth of the company overall.

Environment and Community

Maintaining an awareness of being a company that is both a “citizen of its society” and “connected to its community” is a major part of the Mori Building Group identity. We interact with the people in our community as we live out our daily lives, increasing the value of the cities we inhabit, striving to prepare to aid evacuees or disaster victims in the most unfortunate of circumstances, and working to address environmental problems from a number of angles.